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Exhaust and Mufflers

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Stainless steel, resonators, pre bent pipes, mufflers, catalytic convertors, exhaust manifolds, hangers, clamps, oxygen sensors, flex pipes. There are a lot of components in your exhaust system, which most vehicle owners never a second thought about… until they hear a noise.

Best Choice Automotive – South Edmonton
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exhaust-system-edmontonThe major cause of an exhaust pipe’s failing is rust. Water is a byproduct of the combustion process in your engine. This is expelled through your exhaust, rusting the pipes from the inside out. The metal in some modern exhaust systems even consist of stainless steel, this is utilized to prevent rusting and increase the longevity of the exhaust system. Upon inspection, one of the aforementioned parts may be a culprit in creating the noise. Some parts of the exhaust system, when they fail, may even turn on the yellow check engine light. The catalytic convertor and oxygen sensor are a major part in the emission control system of your car.

A failing catalytic convertor can be caused by an engine that is running poorly. Replacement of a failed catalytic convertor may be a costly repair. Your car’s computer monitors the engine’s performance while it is running, it utilizes the oxygen sensor, and varies the fuel in relation to the amount of air (oxygen) it sees flowing past it. Too much air (lean) and it increases fuel, too little air (rich) and it cuts back fuel. This fine balance has been calibrated into the vehicle’s computer, and is designed to meet stringent government environmental standards.

*Exhaust Systems – *Mufflers – *Catalytic Convertors – *Oxygen Sensors

The exhaust system is held in place by hangers and clamps, to stay ridged and not rub on various body parts. The engine’s vibrations are absorbed by a flex pipe, so as not to pass the vibrations into the rest of the piping. Then resonators and mufflers are installed into the system to quiet down the engine’s exhaust pulsations, and give you a quiet drive. Therefore, exhaust failure has many possible contributors: a poorly running engine, rust from not only the byproduct of internal combustion, but also external moisture conditions. Impact damage from hitting a foreign object may change the exhaust flow. This change in your exhaust system can result in a very dangerous situation.

Carbon monoxide is a gas, which in high enough quantities,
can cause serious injury or death.

Let Best Choice Automotive inspect your exhaust system to ensure peace of mind and safe driving, for you and your family.

*Exhaust Systems – *Mufflers – *Catalytic Convertors – *Oxygen Sensors

Best Choice Automotive – South Edmonton
AMA Approved South Edmonton Exhaust & Muffler Centre
16+ years Better Business Bureau Certified South Edmonton Exhaust & Muffler Centre
9 automotive service bays

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