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Edmonton automotive repair shop Reviews
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Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Jazmin L.
“…these [are] people who could be trusted and wanted to help.”
I brought my car here just over a week ago after a TERRIBLE experience with Southtown Chrysler. My car was making a loud obnoxious noise and when I brought it to Southtown Chrysler they gave me an estimate of over $9000 to fix everything that was wrong with my Jeep ($4000 estimate just to fix the “urgent” stuff). I didn’t feel comfortable at all with their mechanic so I called Best Choice Automotive in tears asking them if they could help. Every person I dealt with on the phone and in person were friendly, helpful and empathetic. Gord took the time to explain to me exactly what was wrong with my vehicle and gave me a game plan of how to fix it. He triaged what needed to be fixed right away and what could wait to be fixed a little while longer. From my first phone call to their shop I got the impression that these were people who could be trusted and wanted to help. I would highly recommend this shop to all of my friends and family.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Wade S.
“Once again, Many thanks”
Dear Sir
Thank you very much indeed for your help and direction, it is highly appreciated.
The reviews that your customers have given are most definitely true as you did not have to help me – but you did.
Once again, Many thanksKind Regards

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Genia R.
“Not a place where you need to worry about being taken advantage of…”
This is the only automotive repair shop I would go to in Edmonton. Every time I’ve dropped by, Gord has given me absolutely great customer service. He not only knows his stuff but will patiently explain everything to you – even if your knowledge of car mechanics is virtually inexistent 🙂 The prices are fair, you know exactly what you are paying for and several times I ended up being charged for less than the original quote. This is definitely not a place where you need to worry about being taking advantage of but where you can trust the staff 🙂

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Terry
“I wouldn’t have the same trust in any other Automotive Service Provider in the city.”
Thanks Gord and Josh for your quick service, honesty, and help in answering all my questions about my truck.
I wouldn’t have the same trust in any other Automotive Service Provider in the city.
I never fail to promote your business to others.
God Bless.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Carol W.
“Very happy.”
Been a customer of Best Choice for years and would not change because everything is done efficiently. They don’t try to try to sell you something that is not needed. Very happy.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Mervyn D.
“Thank you so very much…”
Thank you so very much for helping out my son Shannon today. He just called to tell me that his car (2004 Honda Civic) was ready for his trip to work this afternoon. He was frustrated and not sure what to do with the car after his little mishap on Sunday so I told him to go to Best Choice. He is very happy and so is Dad here in Ontario.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Desiree M.
“They are the ONLY choice!”
Best Choice Automotive, is truly the best auto repair shop in Edmonton. Our experience with Gord and his team was nothing but top notch ! Their knowledge on vehicles reassured me that my vehicle was in good hands. When looking for an auto shop, I searched many on the Internet and came across Best Choice. After reading the reviews I knew this was the shop for me. The majority of the reviews were positive which sometimes I am a little hesitant to believe however when reading the negative reviews it was apparent that some people are cheaping out on their vehicles and are expecting a band-aid solution to fix a major repair. This is where Best Choice shows their honesty, integrity and professional service. Some may say that this is “upselling” or a money grab, however I see it as a traffic safety concern. If your vehicle is not road worthy, Gord will be 100% truthful. This demonstrates his compassion and concern for public safety.
I would not hesitate in taking my vehicle to Best Choice. They are the ONLY choice!

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Sylvia M
“Thank you for the great work.”
Thank you for the great work. I value you, the services that you provide, and trust that you have the knowledge, experience, and ethics to do the right thing.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton– Review by Carol
“I will without doubt, recommend you to all I know.”
Because you are honest, this shows your integrity to me.
You could of easily told me that my block heater wasn’t working instead of just replacing the cord.
I will without doubt, recommend you to all I know.
Thank you for the excellent work and above all your honesty

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Roger O.
“Outstanding, knowledgeable, honest service.”
Outstanding, knowledgeable, honest service. Have never been up-sold. One experience of repair not addressing the problem: this was fully corrected with owner and staff doing everything to compensate for inconvenience by offering extraordinary service and reduced charges. (Initial repair problem occurred because a reasonable solution to malfunction was tried first in order to keep costs low – second solution completely fixed the malfunction.) Over several services on three different, older model vehicles I have developed a relationship of trust in the service, charges, and results at Best Choice.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Colin D.
“…a fair deal and quality work”
I searched the web for a reliable auto repair shop in Edmonton. Having done the back yard apprentice, Canadian tire, looks good but in the end was out to get your money route, I came upon Best Choice Auto. After reading reviews and checking with AMA I was sure this was the place to go. I couldn’t be happier, Gord and Josh are true gentlemen. Friendly same day service with no nonsense realistic explanations and no unwanted add ons. My vehicle feels and responds safely and I’m more than happy with my entire experience. Having recently experienced a heart attack Gord had many helpful tips and supportive words. Gord even took the time to call me the next day to see if I was happy, who does that any more? This shop exemplifies what customer service SHOULD be! You can confidently take your vehicle to Best choice knowing you are getting a fair deal and quality work.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Aaron D.
“…affordable, professional and fast”
Best choice auto is affordable, professional and fast, I would recommend taking your vehicle here, as the staff is helpful and very descriptive when it comes to explaining what exactly is wrong and what has been done to repair the problem.

Best Choice Automotive – Review by Andrew D.
“…they are beyond professional.”
These guys are exceptional. I spoke with both Joshua and Gord a number of times from the booking to the completion of a front end inspection and they are beyond professional. Very courteous and you can really tell that they are totally devoted to making sure their customers are well-informed and that the job is done immaculately.

Best Choice Automotive – Review by Heather W.
“…awesome service and pleasant people to deal with.”
I recently took my car to Best Choice, what awesome service and pleasant people to deal with. I requested that they only repair what was needed and that is exactly what Gord and his crew did. I will take my car there again if need be, it is hard to find an automotive repair company that doesn’t try to fix more than what you asked for. Thanks fellows, you are great!!!

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Barb P.
“It was all completely satisfying”
I drive a 13 year old Acura and for the first 10 years, had it serviced at the dealer. But that eventually didn’t make sense. I went to Canadian Tire where they specialize in up-selling: oh, you want this? Then you must also want this and this. Not satisfying and it is a bit of a zoo over there. A friend recommended Best Choice to me and it is very close to where I live. When I went there, I felt like they were totally on my side – wanting to help keep the car running well and saving me money. A couple of things that need attention were put off until the snow clears. It’s family-owned and operated. I came early so they could work on it straight away and waited at the Fief and Dekel coffee shop virtually next door. It was all completely satisfying. If you like them, it’s okay to let them know I sent you. *That helps me with expenses the next time I go. (Google+ Review)

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Terry B.
“I would go no where else.”
I appreciate the honesty, the friendliness and the promptness of your service. I would go no where else.”

Best Choice Automotive – Review by Sasha P.
“…was honest and straightforward”
Had a horrific squeal when turning wheels, figured the strut towers bearing plates were done and planned on removing everything and taking it to Best Choice to disassemble the towers. The fix was either going to cost me hundreds of dollars or many hours of work. I spoke with the owner over the phone who said I should come by for him to hear the noise to just confirm it’s the struts and not something worse. Once there he said it was just the ball joints, insisted to take it up on ramp, and with a needle he lubricated the “factory sealed” joints. Done.
I was stunned. I expected him to “find” a serious problem and take my first born as a down payment, but no. He was honest and straightforward. Guess I know where I’m going for my next wheel alignment. (Yelp Review)

Best Choice Automotive – Review by Andy K
“Gord is the kind of mechanic you can trust”
I had Gord and his staff work on my car to repair a difficult dashboard (electrical) issue; they did a nice job, making sure everything worked perfectly. It’s an older car (1987 BMW) and they worked hard to find the correct parts. I was happy to find they had a mechanic who had quite a bit of experience working on European cars. Gord is the kind of mechanic you can trust. If you’re looking for an honest auto repair shop in south Edmonton; I recommend Best Choice Automotive (Google+ Review)

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Sandra W.
“The service has been impeccable”
Before my sister moved to Calgary to begin a new life, she gave me one of the best departing gifts. She referred me to Best Choice Automotive. She had been a very satisfied customer for several years. Upon my becoming unhappy with the dealership where I purchased my VW Beetle and their impersonal (yet expensive) service, I decided to follow my sister’s referral to Best Choice. My Beetle and I have never looked back. The service has been impeccable and their patience with dealing with someone whose car knowledge is nil has been thoughtful and honest. They live up to their cost estimate, provide clear explanation(s) for work which needs to be done and always deliver within an appropriate time frame. As I have no plans to move to Calgary, Best Choice is going to have this sister hanging around for a long time!

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Tracey F.
“The service you offer is always first rate”
I had my MPV van in for service on Tuesday July 31st and just want to say ‘Thanks’. The service you offer is always first rate. It is obvious that you care about your customers. I called last minute but you still managed to find room for me and get my concerns addressed. You have provided peace of mind and that is very valuable. All I can say is Thank you!

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by A.
“I’ll definitely be back for any future repairs and regular maintenance”
To Best Choice Automotive, Thank you so much for doing work on my truck. Everything was explained to me in a way that I would understand and I felt confident in the work that was done. Going into a mechanics shop as a female can sometimes be unsettling, you never know if you’re going to get taken advantage of for not knowing much about vehicles;In 16 years of coming here I never got that feeling once. I would more than recommend my friends to come and get their vehicles serviced. It’s nice to know that places still exist where customer satisfaction isn’t taken for granted. Thank you again for taking care of my truck and getting me back on the road quickly and safely. I’ll definitely be back for any future repairs and regular maintenance.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Hugh M.
“Best Choice Automotive is one of the finest I have ever dealt with”
Gord and Josh Schroder at Best Choice Automotive run a first class operation. Honest, upfront service and value for your dollar are just some of their trademarks. Gord and Josh are very good listeners and communicators. They repair only what needs to be done. If something happens after the fact, they stand behind work in every possible way. Best Choice has been inspecting and reconditioning our inventory at Mac James Motors since 1996. We are very pleased with their work and great service. I have been running car dealerships since 1975. In that time, I have dealt with many different shops. Best Choice Automotive is one of the finest I have ever dealt with.Hugh McColl
President: Mac James Motors *previously J.D. By Ryder & Southside Motors

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Allen P.
“…they are complete professionals…”
Carmacks Enterprises has used Best Choice Automotive for their light duty fleet maintenance and inspection requirements for 12 years. In that time we have found that they are complete professionals that do quality work and never over sell work that is not required. The biggest asset in dealing with Best Choice Automotive is the level of communication that Gordon and Josh give us as to repairs required and cost to do. For quality repairs at a fair price with excellent communication Best Choice Automotive should be considered for your next repair. They understand our light duty fleet is not only transportation but valuable tools in our business and down time costs everyone.Allen P.
Carmacks Enterprises

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Randy R.
“Great work at a very fair price”
I just want to extent a BIG THANKS to you and your team for always providing me Great work at a very fair price. From the minute I call to the timely fashion in which my automotive needs are met. You and your staff are always pleasant and Professional and very helpful in making me understand the scope of work I require. Honesty and integrity always is forefront in all my dealings with your shop. I have and always will recommend Best Choice Automotive as a fine choice to all I know. Cheers Gord

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Jill N.
“I would recommend Best Choice Automotive to everyone!!”
Best Choice Automotive truly is the best choice you can make to service your vehicle. It is a family owned and operated business and you can trust them like your own family. When I sold one of my former vehicles I sold it privately. The prospective buyer wanted to see the service records and also wanted to have it checked by an AMA recognized service facility. Imagine their surprise to find out that Best Choice Auto is one such facility, and that was where the vehicle had been serviced since I bought it new. I think that sealed the deal right then and there. I would recommend Best Choice Automotive to everyone!!

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Mark P.
“…very happy and pleased…”
My name is Mark Patterson and I am from Texas and have been working in Canada for a little over two years. I am 43 years of age and have had my fair share of dealing with shady and dishonest mechanics through the years that would overcharge you or tell you that you needed extra repairs that were not necessary. So; I did not expect much from a mechanic here in Canada either, (No offense Canadians). But; I was more than fortunate and truly honored to meet a mechanic by the name of Mr. Gord Schroder who is the proprietor of “Best Choice Automotive” and I don’t think you could name a shop with a more appropriate name. So; getting back to my story I was looking up automotive shops on my GPS, trying to find a shop that would look at my power steering problems. I was not having much luck because it was getting late and it seemed no one wanted to look at it that late in the day, until I was lucky enough to get a hold of Josh Schroder in which he told me to go ahead and bring it by and they would take a quick look at it. Well after arriving and waiting about 15 minutes Mr. Gord Schroder called me to the back of the shop and pointed out some cracks in my hoses and the possibility that I could have damaged my power steering pump due to running the fluid so low and it was making a whining sound. I explained to him that I had to have the truck the next day due to an appointment with a Cardiologist. Gord assured me he would rush to find the problems and only fix what was needed and would make every attempt possible to have it ready in time for my appointment. For the folks who have not had the Honor to meet this “Honorable Mountain of a Man”, Gord played semi-professional Football for the Lloydminster Vandals, jersey number 56. Being true to his on code of ethics on and off the field, he has instilled those very core values in his business as well. Not only did he fix my hoses in time for my appointment the next day he also rotated my tires, changed my oil, filter, cleaned my cold air intake filter and topped off all of my fluids. All of this at a very more than fair price and informed me that I did not need a new power steering pump as most shops would have. And if that was not enough he fixed a headlight free of charge and took care of a sensor I was having issues with and got rid of an old piece of gym equipment that was sitting in my truck since I arrived in Canada free of charge, even though I offered to pay for it. As I was leaving his establishment for my Dr. Appointment, he asked me to drop back by so he could double check the exceptional work he done to make sure that everything was operating correctly and to make sure there were no more leaks. He also took the time to sit, discuss and share his own battles and experiences with a past heart attack and related issues. I can truly say that Gord, his son Josh and his exceptional team of experts was one of the most pleasurable experiences I have had here in Canada in the last two years. So if you are in the market for an all-around fair, just and professional kind Mechanic, there would be no one more that I would recommend in Canada or Texas. Thank you most humbly Mr. Schroder and God bless you, the world could surely use more establishments with the loyalty, kindness and integrity to you and your team show and exemplify to your customers!  As I left his parting words stuck with me as he said and I quote “We fix cars but we care about people”

Best Choice Automotive – Review by Eric A.
“Good service again”
Good service again. Thanks for the thorough inspection and preventative maintenance recommendations. Providing a recommended time frame as opposed to the hard sell is much appreciated. Josh is great to deal with and the work done is always reliable.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Terry B.
“Thanks for the great repair”

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by Rick M.
“…their mechanical skills are remarkable”
My 2001 Dodge Ram pick-up would start reliably every time, but after 2 or 3 minutes of running the engine would lose power and begin to mis-fire and sputter. This problem would go away if I simply let the truck idle for about 3 more minutes. So while it was a big nuisance, it wasn’t a critical issue. After spending a total of over $2000 at various automotive shops (2 independents, 2 Dodge dealers and Cdn Tire) I did some research on line and came across Best Choice Automotive and was impressed that they actually published their Core Values on their website. So I decided to take it to them to see if they could solve the puzzle. After a day of research and analyzing Gord identified the most likely cause of the issue and provided me with his recommended course of action including the likely outcomes and risks. To make a long story short, I accepted Gord’s recommendation and authourized the work. His diagnosis was right on and the problem has been resolved. The total cost of the repair was more than fair as I believe they did not charge me for a good portion of the diagnostic work. While their mechanical skills are remarkable, what impressed me most was how they lived up to and demonstrated their Core Values.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Yelp Review by Boyd M.
“They really made my wife feel comfortable by explaining anything she asked.”
My wife and I have been going to Best Choice for a few years now.  AMA recommended them, and they’ve been great!  They really made my wife feel comfortable by explaining anything she asked. They’re very transparent on what they’re doing.  There were a few specialty items that they couldn’t fix, and they spent the time tracking down a few other mechanics for us.  I’d definitely recommend them.

Best Choice Automotive Repair Edmonton – Review by N.K.
“This is definitely going to be my new auto shop!”
I am amazed by this automotive shop! I didn’t think honest repair shops existed anymore. Thank you for taking the time to explain what should be done. This is definitely going to be my new auto shop!


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