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The ‘typical’ automotive tune up has changed over the years…

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automotive tune ups edmontonWhen a vehicle does not run right, this is the first thought that comes to a car owners mind. With today’s computerized systems in the modern car, a tune up does not invoke the same requirements as the cars of old. Before fuel injection and electronic ignition systems, tune ups were almost a necessity to obtain maximum fuel economy and dependable drivability. Carburetors required adjustment as the engine wore, seasons changed (IE: choke adjustments). Ignition systems relied on points and condensers to time the ignition spark. These two tune up components required an almost bi-yearly replacement as they were a fast wearing part. Spark plugs were changed once a year due to electrodes composed of a steel alloy, which wore out quicker than today’s spark plugs. The gaps were a lot smaller than today’s spark plugs due to the low voltage generated by the points, condenser and coil system. The engines Ignition system had to be manually timed and the vacuum and mechanical systems maintained to keep the spark in synchronization with the compression cycle at various engine speeds.

To meet stricter emissions regulations engine management systems had to progress and maintain the combustion cycle more precisely. This involved increasing voltages to the spark plugs requiring a change in alloys of the spark plug to exotic metals like Platinum and Iridium. These allowed for greater gaps, which in turn could fire a leaner mixture, this meant lower emissions and better fuel economy. Ignition systems are now computer controlled, and have the coil on the spark plugs for greater control of the spark timing. Now they even have the ability to shut off cylinders while at cruise speeds to increase fuel economy. Fuel pumps maintain an even pressure of fuel to the system, injectors that deliver the fuel in a fine atomized mist to have a more complete fuel burn. There are sensors that determine the temperature of the air before it enters the motor which allows the computer to control the on and off time of the injector depending on ambient air temperature (IE: Choke function).

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South Edmonton Tune Up & Engine Maintenance – 9 automotive service bays

There are sensors that monitor the volume of air and the speed of it moving into the engine to help it determine the flow of fuel. The oxygen sensor is the nose of the fuel system it constantly monitors the amount of air (Oxygen) in the exhaust moving past it and sends signals to the computer to make changes in the amount of fuel being delivered in milliseconds. Today’s engines have a multitude of sensors, switches and regulators to keep your engine running at peak efficiency and starting in all conditions.

So back to “does my car needs a tune up?”. When todays car begin to run erratically, use more fuel, fail to start as easily as they used to, or turn on the dreaded Check Engine light on, a tune up will not necessarily cure the problem. To properly diagnose the problem, a portable computer (scanner) will be connected to the car’s diagnostic port, and codes, if present,will be retrieved, live flow data will be monitored, and a prognosis of the problem may be ascertained.

To keep your car at peak efficacy and dependable drivability check our engine maintenance & schedule requirements page to see if your vehicle requires any of the services that we offer. It’s our goal to ensure that your vehicle be fuel efficient and reliable for many more kilometers of trouble free driving.

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