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Maintenance and Schedule Requirements

South Edmonton – Best Choice Automotive

Having your new car regular scheduled maintenance performed by a
Licensed Repair Facility

Best Choice Automotive can perform all your new cars required maintenance and stamp your book to keep your car up to date. We will also notify you off any concerns on your car that may fall within warranty repairs and recommend repairs you will need to advise dealer to do.

A vehicle that is regularly maintained will be more reliable and cost effective to run. This leads to peace of mind and knowing you can be confident in the safety and reliability of your car. At Best Choice Automotive we keep all your vehicles repair records on file and therefore can track what has been done to your car and what it may require in the future allowing to plan for upcoming repairs if required.


Oil Change and Inspect Air Filter Every 5,000 K
Check All Fluid Levels advise on Condition Every 5,000 K
Transmission Service (New Filter and top up Oil) Every 2 Yrs. or Every 40,000 K
Brake Fluid Flush Every 2 Yrs. or Every 40,000 K
Coolant System Flush Every 2 Yrs. or Every 40,000 K
Power Steering Fluid Flush Every 2 Yrs. or Every 40,000 K
Differential Service Every 2 Yrs. or Every 40,000 K
Transfer Case Service Every 2 Yrs. or Every 40,000 K
Replace Fuel Filter Every 2 Yrs. or Every 40,000 K
Replace Spark Plugs (Non Platinum) Every 80,000 K
Replace Platinum Spark Plugs Every 120,000 K
Replace Oxygen Sensor Every 100,000 K
Tires Rotated and Wheel Alignment Checked Once A Year
Brake and Front End Inspection Once A Year
Replace Cabin Air Filter (If Equipped) Once A Year
Inspect Exhaust system and Serpentine Belts Once A Year
Inspect and Service Battery Terminals and Connections Once A Year
*Replace Timing Belt as per Manufactures Recommendation Or Every 100,000 K
*This is an Extremely Important Service as Interference Fit Engines will be Severely Damaged by a Timing Belt FAILURE.                                       

Automotive tune ups are not what they used to be…